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What to expect

Discover what your journey entails, whether it’s enhancing your voice or seeking vocal care.

Start Your Vocal Journey

Voice Lessons

Explore your unique vocal journey in a nurturing and non-judgmental environment. Customise your lessons with a seasoned vocal coach.

Vocal Rehabilitation & Voice Care

Embark on a journey to vocal health and recovery. Receive personalised guidance and support in a safe, judgment-free space.

Your Pathway

Craft a bespoke approach to your vocal development or recovery, partnering with a dedicated vocal expert tailored to your specific needs.

Voice Lessons

When you book your first lesson with Cairns Voice Studio, either online or by phone/email, you’ll be asked to complete an application form, sharing your general details and some personal history. Your stories, experiences, and goals are invaluable for tailoring your vocal journey.

The initial lesson serves as a ‘get to know each other’ session, delving into your voice and holistic well-being. Lessons involve a partnership between coach/teacher/mentor and student/client. Subsequent sessions may commence with grounding, mindfulness, or vocal massage, followed by vocal techniques, song repertoire, vocal choices, artistic expression, and reflection. The structure flexes according to lesson duration: 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes.

Please note that this lesson structure is a loose guideline, as each student’s journey is unique and customized in partnership with the vocal coach. All vocal lessons create a nurturing, supportive, non-judgmental, and unbiased environment – YOUR Safe Space for exploration, discovery, and growth.

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Vocal Rehabilitation & Voice Care Sessions

When you schedule your first session for Voice Care or Rehabilitation through Cairns Voice Care online, you’ll complete an application/assessment form. We encourage you to provide as much detail as possible, offering valuable insights into your vocal health. Your stories and history matter greatly to us. You are more than your vocal injury or inconsistencies, and we’re here to support you at every step of your journey.

The initial session typically lasts 60–90 minutes. During this time, we’ll listen to your story, understand your vocal health goals, and establish a voice care or rehabilitation strategy for positive outcomes. Cairns Voice Care provides a Safe Space, free from judgment or bias, where you can embark on your voice care journey.

Subsequent sessions will be tailored to your unique circumstances, including session duration, frequency, and potential referrals to professionals within our comprehensive voice care network.

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The vivacious Keesha invited me into her home and work studio. Her colourful personality,
creativity and joy exuded from her surroundings. My anxiety about being a fraud or a flop
was quickly blown away by Keesha’s infectious enthusiasm which coaxed me to release my
own sense of adventure from under the flat rock it had been hiding.

Shirley-Ann RowleySongwriter, The Jazzuleles

Keesha is a Light. She shines with her passion for her profession. She is a natural communicator and has seemingly endless patience. I was able to produce another octave that I never knew was in there during the pitch glide exercises and it’s like being taught by your best friend!

Martin EnochVoice Lessons, Performance & Industry Mentoring

Amazing professionalism, extensive knowledge into improving my voice. As an educator every year I would suffer Laryngitis, with Keesha's care and support the suffering has stopped. I have continued my journey with her and started to find my voice and identity through singing.

Cheryl WadeTeacher

My journey with Keesha hasn’t been other than fun, enjoyable and rewarding. She is an amazing vocal coach with an extensive skill set and great leadership. We have been working together for under a year and from day one, I was able to connect with her right away.

Kelly TabaresChef

Keesha is one not to change the singer’s style! Her extensive experience as a Vocal Coach, Vocal Health Specialist, and Mentor speaks for itself and is unquestionably an upstanding member of the local community and music industry.

Robert CiniAward winning Singer Songwriter

From my first meeting with Keesha I felt accepted and her studio was a safe place without judgement. My time with Keesha has not only improved my vocal ability but has helped manage my stress and rebuild my confidence and self worth.

Samantha PhilpsWell-being rehabilitation, Defence Force Transition

Cairns Voice Care

Connecting you to a network of experienced medical and holistic professionals to optimal vocal health.

Cairns Voice Studio

Work together through your vocal journey by taking a holistic, person-centred approach to your learning.


Unlock your unique artistry with Keesha and gain industry guidance to spread your wings and thrive.