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Terms & Conditions

Before Your First Consultation:

You will be sent a friendly questionnaire application form to be signed for CVS consent to guide, facilitate and coach.

This will include contact details, previous vocal history (if any), and health related issues (including history).

All information submitted is confidential.


Payment is to be made prior to each lesson/session, or within 24 hours of the lesson/session. These are payment terms and conditions for the flexibility of weekly payments. Payment can be made direct through PayPal, Direct Debit or Google Square (eftpos).


Cancellation Policy:

CVS cancellation policy – 24 hours’ notice is required to cancel a lesson or appointment. If notice is not given within 24 hours, full payment of lesson fee is to be paid. CVS will email or message a direct link for payment to be made for late cancellations.

There is also the option of a zoom lesson.

Lessons and appointments may be rescheduled up to 24 hours prior to an appointment.

CVS reserves the right to discontinue services if late cancellations re-occur.

Telephone accessibility: If you need to contact me between sessions, please leave a message on my voicemail or send a message direct. I am often not available; however, I will return your call as soon as possible.

Privacy Statement:

All information given to Cairns Voice Studio is confidential, and will not be distributed to any other parties, other than on recommendation/referral to professionals with your consent within our multi-disciplinary vocal health network. Informed consent and transparency are critical in working together in partnership between the professional/specialist and client.

Scope of Practice:

The Voice Rehabilitation Specialist (VRS):

· Has already qualified as a Vocal Habilitation Professional.
· Is a singing teacher or voice practitioner who has advanced knowledge, training and experience in the rehabilitation of singers with voice disorders.
· Will have an accredited qualification in Voice Pedagogy and/or at least 10,000 hours (or 10 years) of singing teaching experience.
· Will often be working within a multidisciplinary Voice Clinic.
· Will focus on the initial stages of rehabilitation, following on from clinical therapy (with a documented referral from the clinician), and facilitating a return to lessons with an appropriate teacher or VHP.


The Voice Rehabilitation Specialist (VRS) will have had further training in:

· Endoscopic evaluation of laryngeal function and observations of a range of pathologies.
· Anatomy – a day in the dissection lab.
· Anxiety management, counselling skills and mindfulness.
· The theoretical background to practical rehabilitation techniques.
· Advanced functional anatomy of the healthy voice.
· Manual therapy – how to guide self-massage, use of palpation for assessment and the use of massage therapy for functional release of tension.
· Physical wellness – knowledge of how to advise the performer in optimising their exercise and nutrition.
· The developing voice – knowledge of pedagogy for children and adolescents, and the particular vocal health needs of younger singers.