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Let’s unlock your full potential as a performer and navigate a successful journey in the music industry together through my comprehensive mentoring programs.

Start Your Vocal Journey

Artistic Growth

Elevate your performance skills and artistic expression, whether you’re a vocalist aiming for the stage or an aspiring artist looking to break into the live music scene.

Confidence Building

Gain the self-assurance and knowledge needed to own any performance space and confidently handle the complexities of the music industry.

Career Advancement

Receive guidance in crucial areas like networking, branding, and business management to propel your music career forward.

Performance Mentoring

I love mentoring performance. Guiding you to find your unique artistry for performance through vocal play, somatic engagement & awareness, repertoire choice, and self-expression. Microphone and stage craft for you to feel confident and comfortable to own the performance space.

  • Awareness of how different performance spaces/venues can be for vocalists.
  • Performance Opportunities
  • Audition preparation.
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Performance workshops
Start Your Vocal Journey

Industry Mentoring

As an aspiring artist, or someone wanting to gig in the live music scene, it can be daunting, knowing where and how to start.  With over twenty-five years in the performance and music industry, I can guide and facilitate you to start this journey and spread your wings.

  • Festivals
  • Gigs
  • Portfolio
  • Networking
  • Recording
  • Business and management
  • Brand awareness
Start Your Vocal Journey

Without the exceptional guidance from Keesha, I would not have been able to continue to follow my passion, singing. I would highly recommend Keesha for vocal coaching to anyone wanting to sing and people who have had medical problems with their voice and need rehabilitation.

Amber FarnanSinger Songwriter

After 2 surgeries I now have an effective and safe airway and my life is nearly back to normal.
I will forever be grateful for Keesha's professionalism, empathy, and enquiring mind. Her support and willingness to "Think outside the Box” has changed my life - and very probably saved it.

Tanya VickersVocal Rehabilitation

Amazing professionalism, extensive knowledge into improving my voice. As an educator every year I would suffer Laryngitis, with Keesha's care and support the suffering has stopped. I have continued my journey with her and started to find my voice and identity through singing.

Cheryl WadeTeacher

My journey with Keesha hasn’t been other than fun, enjoyable and rewarding. She is an amazing vocal coach with an extensive skill set and great leadership. We have been working together for under a year and from day one, I was able to connect with her right away.

Kelly TabaresChef

Keesha is one not to change the singer’s style! Her extensive experience as a Vocal Coach, Vocal Health Specialist, and Mentor speaks for itself and is unquestionably an upstanding member of the local community and music industry.

Robert CiniAward winning Singer Songwriter

From my first meeting with Keesha I felt accepted and her studio was a safe place without judgement. My time with Keesha has not only improved my vocal ability but has helped manage my stress and rebuild my confidence and self worth.

Samantha PhilpsWell-being rehabilitation, Defence Force Transition

Cairns Voice Care

Connecting you to a network of experienced medical and holistic professionals to optimal vocal health.

Cairns Voice Studio

Work together through your vocal journey by taking a holistic, person-centred approach to your learning.

What To Expect

Discover what awaits: Your journey to vocal transformation and empowerment starts right here.