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Cairns Voice Studio

Work together through your vocal journey by taking a holistic, person-centred approach to your learning.

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Explore Your Voice at Cairns Voice Studio

Does this sound like you?

  • I want to be able to learn, explore, and play with my voice.
  • I would like to feel ease in my singing.
  • A journey that can be incredibly therapeutic, healing, and rewarding.
  • As a vocalist, I need career guidance, mentoring, and performance opportunities.
  • I’m looking for a space to be myself.
  • Some time to be ME.
Start Your Vocal JourneyWhat To Expect

The Problem

You have a passion for singing, but you don’t feel entirely comfortable with it yet. Perhaps you’re considering a career in the music or performing arts industry, but you lack confidence in singing in front of an audience, holding you back. You find it difficult to express yourself freely without judgment or bias. You’ve been nurturing the desire to sing for years, and now is the time to take that crucial step forward and overcome these obstacles.

Meet Your Guide

At Cairns Voice Studio, I, Keesha, bring over 25 years of experience as a vocal practitioner. My own vocal journey has been a transformative one, as I discovered my true vocal genre and overcame various challenges, including performance anxiety and a vocal injury. With immense gratitude, I welcome anyone who takes their first step into my studio, as I understand the initial apprehension. Teaching voice goes beyond methodology; it involves continuous professional development in voice, vocal health, and holistic voice teaching. Each vocal journey is a partnership, empowering you to spread your wings, explore, and celebrate your unique voice. I view the voice as an integral part of your being, and I am here to support you holistically throughout your vocal exploration.

Start Your Vocal JourneyMore About Me

A Personalized Plan for Growth and Exploration

In search of personalized connection and guidance for your vocal journey? If you aspire to elevate your singing and explore your potential, Cairns Voice Studio provides a supportive and nurturing space, free from judgment or bias. My mission is to break the stigma surrounding voice teaching, vocal wellbeing, and injuries. Tailored to your specific needs and objectives, I offer flexible voice lessons ranging from 30 to 90 minutes, empowering you to embark on your unique journey.

Voice Lessons

My teaching is based on the philosophy that everyone has a voice and can improve their voice when they learn in an environment that is empathetic, nurturing, supportive, playful, and non judgmental. Every vocal journey is bespoke, and it is entirely the vocalist’s choice as to what genre of vocal music they would like to sing, or aesthetic sound they would like to explore.

Voice lessons are tailored to your objectives and individual needs through exploration of vocal craft, somatic engagement & awareness, mindfulness, communication, and vocal health.

If you don’t give it a try, how will you know where this journey may take you?

Be curious. You won’t discover what your voice can do if you don’t give yourself the opportunity to explore and grow.

Step 1   Fill in an Application

Share your story and goals through a simple application form. Let us understand your unique vocal journey and tailor our services to your needs.

Step 2   Consultation or Lesson

Schedule a consultation or book your first lesson. Connect with us to discuss your aspirations and develop a personalized plan for your vocal journey.

Step 3   Unleash Your Voice

Embark on a transformative vocal journey. Experience expert guidance, nurturing support, and tailored techniques that unlock the power of your voice and elevate your self-expression.

Start Your Vocal JourneyBook A Lesson
Amber FarnanSinger Songwriter

Without the exceptional guidance from Keesha, I would not have been able to continue to follow my passion, singing. I would highly recommend Keesha for vocal coaching to anyone wanting to sing and people who have had medical problems with their voice and need rehabilitation.

Tanya VickersVocal Rehabilitation

After 2 surgeries I now have an effective and safe airway and my life is nearly back to normal.
I will forever be grateful for Keesha's professionalism, empathy, and enquiring mind. Her support and willingness to "Think outside the Box” has changed my life - and very probably saved it.

Cheryl WadeTeacher

Amazing professionalism, extensive knowledge into improving my voice. As an educator every year I would suffer Laryngitis, with Keesha's care and support the suffering has stopped. I have continued my journey with her and started to find my voice and identity through singing.

Kelly TabaresChef

My journey with Keesha hasn’t been other than fun, enjoyable and rewarding. She is an amazing vocal coach with an extensive skill set and great leadership. We have been working together for under a year and from day one, I was able to connect with her right away.

Robert CiniAward winning Singer Songwriter

Keesha is one not to change the singer’s style! Her extensive experience as a Vocal Coach, Vocal Health Specialist, and Mentor speaks for itself and is unquestionably an upstanding member of the local community and music industry.

Samantha PhilpsWell-being rehabilitation, Defence Force Transition

From my first meeting with Keesha I felt accepted and her studio was a safe place without judgement. Keesha took the time to listen and get to know me as a person and I never felt like just a student. Keesha provided a wholistic approach to my vocal journey, helping me to understand the effects of stress and provided strategies to help reduce it.

Cairns Voice Care

Connecting you to a network of experienced medical and holistic professionals to optimal vocal health.


Unlock your unique artistry with Keesha and gain industry guidance to spread your wings and thrive.

What To Expect

Discover what awaits: Your journey to vocal transformation and empowerment starts right here.